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The Yiddish translation for School is שולע .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: departement and kollege and leer and skool   Albanian: shkollë  
Basque: eskola   Belarusian: школа  
Bosnian: fakultet and škola and školati   Breton: kevrenn and moudenn and skol and skol-veur and skoliata  
Bulgarian: колеж and обучавам and пасаж and училище and факултет and школа   Catalan: escola  
Croatian: škola   Danish: skole  
Dutch: scholen and school   Esperanto: lernejo  
Estonian: kool   Finnish: koulu and koulukunta and kouluttaa and yliopisto  
French: école and banc and collège   Georgian: სკოლა  
German: Schule and Universität and unterrichten   Greek: σχολείο  
Hebrew: אוניברסיטה and אסכולה and בית ספר and להקה and ללמד   Hungarian: egyetem and iskola  
Ido: skolo   Indonesian: fakultas and sekolah and universitas  
Interlingua: banco and educar and schola   Irish: scoil  
Italian: scuola and università   Japanese: 群れ and 大学 and 大学院 and 学校  
Korean: 학교   Kurdish: dibistan  
Latin: collegium and schola   Lithuanian: mokykla  
Malay: fakulti and kolej and sekolah   Maltese: skola and università  
Norwegian: fakultet and lære opp and skole and stim   Polish: szkoła  
Portuguese: cardume and educar and escola   Romanian: şcoală  
Russian: высшая школа and кафедра and косяк and учение and учить and школа   Slovak: škola  
Slovene: učiti and šola   Spanish: cardumen and escuela and facultad and universidad  
Swahili: shule   Swedish: fakultet and högskola and skola and stim  
Tagalog: pamantasan and skwelahan   Telugu: పాఠశాల  
Turkish: okul   Ukrainian: вища школа and зграя and навчати and факультет and школа  
Vietnamese: trường   Welsh: ysgol  
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