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The Turkish translation for Second is Ikinci and Saniye .


Other possible / similar Turkish translations may be Dakika .

Translations in other languages:
Albanian: sekondë   Arabic: ثانية  
Bosnian: sekunda   Breton: eil  
Catalan: segon   Chinese:  
Croatian: sekunda   Danish: anden and nummer to and sekund and sekundant and sekundavare and støtte  
Dutch: bijvallen and secondant and seconde and tweede and tweede keus   Esperanto: dua and sekundo  
Estonian: sekund and teine and toetama   Finnish: hetki and kannattaa and kulmasekunti and sekunda and sekundantti and sekunti and toinen  
French: article and deuxième and seconde   Frisian: twadde  
German: Sekundant and Sekunde and zweite and zweite Wahl and zweiter   Greek: δευτερόλεπτο and δεύτερος and λεπτό  
Hebrew: שני and שניה   Hungarian: második and másodperc  
Icelandic: annar and sekúnda   Indonesian: detik and kedua  
Interlingua: secundar and secunde   Irish: dóú and soicind  
Italian: assecondare and padrino and seconda and secondo   Japanese: セコンド and and 二番目  
Korean:   Latvian: sekunde  
Malay: kedua and saat   Malayalam: രണ്ടാമത്തെ  
Maltese: it-tieni and sekonda and ta' sekonda   Norwegian: andre and feilvare and sekund and sekundant  
Polish: drugi and sekunda   Portuguese: apoiar and artigo de segunda and segundo  
Romanian: secund and susţine   Russian: второй and секунда and секундант  
Slovak: druhý and podporiť   Slovene: drugi and sekunda and sekundant  
Spanish: momento and secundar and segundo   Swedish: andra and andrahandsvara and ögonblick and bifalla and sekund and sekundant  
Telugu: క్షణం and రెండవ and రెండోరకం and సెకండు   Vietnamese: (cái and (người and ủng hộ and giây and giây lát and thứ  
Welsh: ail and amrantiad  
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