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The Turkish translation for Hand is El .


Other possible / similar Turkish translations may be Pati and Vermek .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: aangee and hand and matroos and wyster   Albanian: dorë  
Basque: esku   Breton: dorn  
Catalan: busca and   Chinese:  
Danish: hånd   Dutch: hand and matroos and overhandigen and speelhand and wijzer  
Esperanto: doni and mano and matroso and montrilo   Finnish: apumies and käsi and ojentaa and viisari  
French: aiguille and donner and main and matelot   Galician: man  
Georgian: ხელი   German: Hand and Handlanger and reichen and Zeiger  
Greek: χέρι and χαρτιά and δίνω and δείκτης and ναύτης   Hebrew: יד and מחוג  
Hindi: हाथ   Hungarian: kéz  
Ido: manuo   Indonesian: tangan  
Interlingua: donar and flecha and mano   Italian: dare and mano  
Japanese: and and 手札   Korean:  
Kurdish: dest   Latin: manus  
Malay: tangan   Malayalam: കൈ  
Norwegian: hand and viser   Polish: dłoń and ręka and wskazówka  
Portuguese: dar and mão and mão-de-obra and ponteiro   Romanian: mână  
Russian: карты and передавать and рабочий and рука and стрелка   Serbian: šaka  
Slovak: ruka and ručička   Slovene: roka  
Spanish: manecilla and mano and obrero   Swahili: mkono  
Swedish: ge and hand and visare   Tagalog: kamay  
Telugu: చెయ్యి   Vietnamese: công nhân and kim and tay and ván and đưa  
Welsh: llaw   Yiddish: האַנט  
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The Turkish translation for Chamois is Dağ keçisi