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The Turkish translation for Face is Yüz .


Other possible / similar Turkish translations may be Yan .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: gesig and kant   Albanian: fytyrë  
Arabic: مظهر   Bulgarian: лице  
Catalan: cara   Croatian: lice  
Danish: ansigt and facade and flade and konfrontere and vende   Dutch: gelaatsuitdrukking and gezicht and onder ogen zien and zich richten naar and zijde  
Esperanto: vizaĝo   Estonian: nägu  
Finnish: ilme and kasvot and kohdata and olla and tahko   French: affronter and face and faire face à  
German: (sich etwas) stellen and Fläche and Gesicht and sich ausrichten   Greek: πρόσωπο and γκριμάτσα and εικόνα  
Hungarian: arc   Ido: edro and vizajo  
Italian: faccia   Japanese: 直面する and and and 表情 and 向かう and 体面  
Korean: 다루다 and and 향하다 and 얼굴   Kurdish:  
Latvian: seja   Malayalam: മുഖം  
Maltese: fattizzi and wiċċ   Norwegian: anseelse and ansikt and flate and mine  
Polish: mina and obrócić się (''w stronę/do czegoś'') and stawiać czoła and twarz and ściana   Portuguese: cara and encarar and face  
Romanian: faţă   Russian: выражение лица and грань and лицо and предстать  
Slovene: obraz and soočiti se s/z   Spanish: cara and encarar and enfrentar and faz and gesto and imagen  
Swahili: uso   Swedish: ansikte and min and ta itu med and vända and yta  
Tagalog: mukha   Telugu: ముఖము  
Welsh: wyneb   Yiddish: פנים  
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