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The Swedish translation for Can is Burk , Konservburk , Konservera , Kunna , Stänga igen and Vattenkanna .


Other possible / similar Swedish translations may be Avfyra , Badrum , Brasa , Bränna , Eld , Gryta , Johan , Johannes , Konserv , Säck , Skjuta , Sparka , Spis , Svans , Tenn , Toalett and Tron .

Translations in other languages:
Chinese: 罐頭 and and 金屬 and 關閉 and 容器 and and 保存   Croatian: moći and smjeti  
Danish: dåse and holde mund and kande and konservere and kunne   Dutch: blik and conservenblik and inblikken and kan and stil houden  
Esperanto: enladigi and ladskatolo and povi and rajti and silenti   Estonian: osata and võima  
Finnish: kastelukannu and osata and purkittaa and purkki and säilyketölkki and voida   French: arrosoir and bidon and boîte de conserve and conserver and pouvoir and se taire  
German: die Klappe and Dose and einmachen and Gießkanne and können and könnte   Greek: κονσερβοποιώ and μπορώ  
Hebrew: יכול and סתם and קופסת שימורים   Indonesian: kaleng  
Irish:   Italian: annaffiatoio and lattina and potere and sapere and scatoletta  
Japanese:   Malay: boleh and dapat and mengetinkan and tin  
Maltese: forsi and nista'   Polish: kanka and móc and puszka and wiadro  
Portuguese: lata and poder and regador   Romanian: putea  
Russian: бидон and консервировать and консервная банка and лейка and мочь   Slovene: konzervirati and moči and pločevinka and smeti and utihniti and škropilnica  
Spanish: cerrar and enlatar and lata and poder   Vietnamese: có thể  
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