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The Slovene translation for Just is Pravičen , Ravnokar and Samo .


Other possible / similar Slovene translations may be A , Dober , Dobro , Edin , Razen and čeprav .

Translations in other languages:
Dutch: net and rechtvaardig and slechts   Finnish: juuri and oikeudenmukainen and vain  
French: juste and venir de   German: einfach and gerade  
Greek: δίκαιος and μόλις and μόνο   Ido: yusta  
Japanese:   Latvian: taisnīgs and tikai and tikko  
Portuguese: justo and recentemente and   Romanian: doar and justă and tocmai  
Serbian: samo and tek   Spanish: acabar de and justo  
Swedish: bara and just and rättvis  
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