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The Russian translation for Fly is лететь , муха and ширинка .


Other possible / similar Russian translations may be исчезать , крыло and лётчик .

Translations in other languages:
Albanian: fluturon and mizë   Armenian: ճանճ  
Basque: euli   Bosnian: muha and šlic  
Catalan: mosca and volar   Croatian: letjeti and muha  
Danish: flue and flyve and gylp   Dutch: gulp and vlieg and vliegen  
Esperanto: muŝo   Estonian: kärbes and lendama  
Finnish: kärpänen and lentää and sepalus   French: braguette and mouche and voler  
Frisian: mich   German: Fliege and fliegen and Hosenschlitz  
Greek: μύγα   Hebrew: זבוב and טס  
Hungarian: légy and repül   Icelandic: fljúga and fluga and rennilás  
Ido: flugar   Indonesian: lalat and terbang  
Interlingua: musca   Italian: mosca and volare  
Japanese: and 飛ぶ   Korean: 파리  
Kurdish: firrîn and mêş   Latin: musca  
Latvian: lidot and muša   Lithuanian: musė  
Maltese: dubbiena   Norwegian: flue and fly and glidelås  
Polish: latać and mucha and rozporek   Portuguese: braguilha and mosca and voar  
Romanian: fermoar and muscă and zbura   Serbian: Cyrillic летети  
Slovak: lietať and mucha   Slovene: muha  
Slovenian: leteti   Spanish: bragueta and mosca and volar  
Swedish: fluga and flyga and gylf   Tagalog: langaw and lumipad  
Tamil:   Telugu: ఈగ  
Thai: บิน and แมลงวัน   Turkish: sinek and uçmak  
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