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The Portuguese translation for Spring is Fonte , Mola and Primavera .


Other possible / similar Portuguese translations may be Dar , Saltar and Salto .

Translations in other languages:
Albanian: pranverë   Armenian: գարուն  
Basque: iturri and udaherri   Bosnian: proljeće  
Breton: eienenn and gwinterell and nevezamzer   Bulgarian: извор and появявам се and пролет and пружина and скачам  
Catalan: primavera   Chinese: 弹簧 and 春天 and  
Croatian: proljeće   Danish: fjeder and forår and kilde and springe  
Dutch: bron and lente and ontspringen and springen and veer   Esperanto: fonto and printempo and risorto  
Estonian: allikas and kevad and vedru   Finnish: hypätä and jousi and kevät and lähde and nousta  
French: naître and printemps and ressort and sauter and source   Frisian: fear and maaitiid and welle  
Galician: primavera   Georgian: გაზაფხული  
German: entspringen and Frühling and Quelle and springen and Sprungfeder   Greek: άνοιξη and αναπηδώ and ελατήριο and νερομάνα and ξεπροβάλλω  
Hebrew: אביב and לזנק and מעיין and קפיץ   Hungarian: forrás and rugó and tavasz  
Indonesian: lompat and mata and musim and pegas   Interlingua: fonte and primavera and resorto  
Italian: fonte and molla and nascere and primavera and saltare   Japanese: ばね and 跳ね上がる and and  
Korean: and and 용수철   Kurdish: bihar and kanî  
Latin: fons and ver   Latvian: atspere and avots and pavasaris  
Lithuanian: pavasaris and spyruoklė and šaltinis   Maltese: molla and nixxiegħa and qabża and rebbiegħa and tfaċċa  
Norwegian: fjær   Persian: بهار  
Polish: sprężyna and wiosna and źródło   Romanian: arc and izvor and primăvară  
Russian: весна and источник and пружина and прыгать   Slovak: jar  
Slovene: izvir and pomlad and vzmet   Spanish: fuente and nacer and primavera and resorte and saltar  
Swedish: fjäder and hoppa and källa and vår   Turkish: ilkbahar and kaynak and ortaya çıkıvermek and sıçramak and yay  
Welsh: gwanwyn   Yiddish: ספּרענזשינעס and פרילינג and קוואַל  
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