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The Portuguese translation for Fish is De peixe , Peixe and Pescar .


Other possible / similar Portuguese translations may be ângulo and Esquina .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: vis   Albanian: peshk  
Armenian: ձուկ   Bosnian: riba  
Breton: pesk and pesketa   Bulgarian: риба  
Catalan: peix and pescar   Chinese:  
Croatian: riba   Danish: fisk and fiske and fiske-  
Dutch: vis and vis- and vissen   Esperanto: fiŝo  
Estonian: kala   Finnish: kala and kalastaa  
French: de poisson and faire la pêche and poisson   Frisian: fisk and fiskje  
Galician: peixe   Georgian: თევზი  
German: Fisch and fischen   Greek: ψάρι and ψαρεύω  
Hebrew: דג   Hindi: मछली  
Hungarian: hal and halászik   Icelandic: fiskur and veiða  
Ido: fisho   Indonesian: ikan and pancing  
Interlingua: de pisce and piscar and pisce   Irish: iasc  
Italian: di pesce and pescare and pesce   Japanese: 釣り and and 魚肉  
Korean: 물고기   Kurdish: masî  
Latin: piscis   Latvian: zivs  
Lithuanian: žuvis   Macedonian: риба  
Malay: ikan   Malayalam: മീന്‍  
Norwegian: fisk and fiske and fiske-   Novial: fishe  
Polish: ryba and rybi and łowić ryby   Romanian: pescui and peşte  
Russian: рыба and рыбачить and рыбный   Slovene: riba and ribariti and ribji  
Spanish: pescado and pescar and pez   Swahili: samaki  
Swedish: fisk and fiska   Tagalog: isda  
Telugu: చేప   Turkish: balık  
Vietnamese:   Welsh: pysgod  
Yiddish: פֿיש  
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