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  Polish translations for At

The Polish translation for At is Na , O and U .


Other possible / similar Polish translations may be Astat .

Translations in other languages:
Albanian:   Breton: da and e  
Bulgarian: в   Catalan: a  
Chinese:   Danish: and til  
Dutch: om and op   Esperanto: al and je and sur  
Finnish: -lla and -lle and -lta   French: à  
German: an and nach and um   Greek: στον  
Hungarian: -kor and -n and -t   Ido: ye  
Interlingua: a   Irish: ag  
Italian: a   Japanese: and  
Korean: ~에 and ~에게 and ~에서   Kurdish: Kurdish: li  
Latin: ''ablative and ''locative case   Maltese: fi  
Norwegian:   Novial: che and vers and ye  
Portuguese: a   Romanian: înspre and la  
Russian: в   Slovak: do and o and v  
Slovene: ob and pri   Spanish: a and en  
Swedish: and vid   Telugu: వద్ద  
Turkish: -da   Vietnamese: ở tại  
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