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The Persian translation for Listen is گوش دادن .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: hoor and luister   Albanian: dëgjo and dëgjoj  
Bosnian: slušati and čuti   Bulgarian: ослушвам се and послушвам and слушам and чувам  
Catalan: escoltar   Croatian: slušati and čuti  
Danish: høre efter and lytte   Dutch: gehoorzamen and horen and luisteren  
Esperanto: aŭskulti   Estonian: kuulama and kuulma  
Finnish: kuunnella   French: écouter and guetter  
Galician: oír   German: hören and lauschen  
Greek: ακούω   Hindi: सुनना  
Hungarian: hallgat   Icelandic: hlusta  
Indonesian: dengar   Irish: éist  
Italian: ascoltare and dare and sentire and stare   Japanese: 聞く  
Latin: auscultare and exaudire   Latvian: dzirdēt and klausīt and klausīties  
Lithuanian: girdėti and klausyti   Malayalam: ശ്രദ്ധ  
Norwegian: høre and lystre and lytte   Polish: nasłuchiwać and słuchać and usłuchać and wysłuchać  
Portuguese: escutar and ouvir   Romanian: asculta  
Russian: слушать and слышать   Serbian: чути  
Slovene: poslušati and ubogati   Spanish: escuchar and oír  
Swedish: lyssna   Tamil: கேள் and மெதுவா கேள்  
Telugu: ఆలకించు and విను and సమ్మతించు   Turkish: dinlemek and duymak  
Ukrainian: слухати and чути   Urdu: سننا  
Vietnamese: chờ đợi and nghe and nghe theo   Welsh: gwrando  
Yiddish: הערן  
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