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The Norwegian translation for By is Av , Etter , Innen , Ved and Ved å .


Other possible / similar Norwegian translations may be Fortid and Preteritum .

Translations in other languages:
Danish: af and efter and ved   Dutch: bij and door and op and tegen  
Esperanto: apud and por   French: au moyen and à côté and de  
German: bei and mit   Hebrew: לפי and מאת and על ידי  
Hungarian: -nál and -ra and -tól and által and szerint   Icelandic: eftir and fyrir and við  
Ido: apud and da and per   Italian: da and entro and per and vicino  
Japanese: -のそばに and -までに   Korean: and ~까지  
Kurdish: bi and bi destê and ji alî and li and li gor   Latin: apud  
Maltese: bi   Novial: ante and da and per and proxim and segun  
Portuguese: próximo de   Romanian: înainte and cu and de and lângă  
Russian: к and около and по   Slovene: do and od and pri and s  
Spanish: por   Swedish: av and efter and genom att and vid  
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