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The Malayalam translation for East is കിഴക്ക് .

Translations in other languages:
Arabic: شرق (اتجاه)   Basque: sortalde  
Bosnian: istok   Breton: reter  
Bulgarian: изток   Catalan: est  
Croatian: istok   Danish: øst  
Dutch: oostelijk and oosten and oosters and oostwaarts   Esperanto: orienta and orienten and oriento  
Estonian: ida   Finnish: itä and itäinen  
French: à l'est and d'est and est and oriental and vers   Frisian: easten  
Galician: leste   German: Osten  
Greek: ανατολή and ανατολικός   Hebrew: מזרח  
Hungarian: kelet   Icelandic: austur  
Ido: esto   Indonesian: timur  
Interlingua: est   Italian: a est, verso est and da est and di levante and est and orientale  
Japanese:   Korean:  
Kurdish: rojhilat   Latin: oriens  
Lithuanian: rytai   Maltese: lejn il-lvant and lvant and mil-lvant and tal-lvant  
Norwegian: øst   Polish: na and wschód and wschodni  
Portuguese: a and ao leste and do leste and este and oriental   Romanian: est  
Russian: восток   Serbian: istok  
Slovak: na and východ and východný   Slovene: vzhod  
Spanish: (con) rumbo and este   Swedish: öster and österländsk and ost and ostlig and ostvart  
Tamil: கிழக்கு   Telugu: తూర్పు  
Thai: ทิศตะวันออก   Turkish: doğu and doğudan and doğulu  
Ukrainian: схід   Vietnamese: Hướng Đông  
Welsh: dwyrain and dwyreiniol and o'r dwyrain and tua'r dwyrain   Yiddish: מזרח  
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Did you know that the Malayalam translation for Earth is മണ്ണ്