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The Malay translation for Gold is Aurum .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: goud and goudstuk   Albanian: ar  
Armenian: ոսկե   Basque: urrea  
Belarusian: золата   Bosnian: zlato  
Breton: aour   Bulgarian: злато  
Catalan: daurat and or   Chinese: and 金牌 and 金色  
Croatian: zlato   Danish: guld and guld- and guldmønt and gylden  
Dutch: goud and gouden and goudkleurig and goudstuk   Esperanto: orkolora and oro  
Estonian: kuld   Finnish: kullanvärinen and kulta and kultainen  
French: d’or and doré and or   Frisian: goud  
Galician: ouro   Georgian: ოქრო  
German: Gold and golden   Greek: χρυσό and χρυσό μετάλλιο and χρυσό νόμισμα and χρυσός  
Hebrew: זהב   Hindi: सोना  
Hungarian: arany and arany-   Icelandic: gull  
Ido: oro   Indonesian: emas  
Interlingua: auree and auro and de auro and medalia de auro and moneta   Irish: ór  
Italian: di oro and dorato and medaglia d'oro and moneta d'oro and oro   Japanese: and 金色 and 黄金色  
Korean: 골드 and   Kurdish: zêrr  
Latin: aurum   Latvian: zelts  
Lithuanian: auksas   Macedonian: злато  
Malayalam: സ്വര്‍ണം   Maltese: deheb  
Norwegian: gull   Polish: złoto and złoty  
Portuguese: de ouro and dobrão and dourado and medalha de ouro and ouro   Romanian: aur and auriu  
Russian: золото and золотой   Serbian: zlatan and zlatnik and zlatonosan  
Slovak: zlato   Slovene: zlat and zlata and zlatnik and zlato  
Spanish: de oro and dorado and medalla de oro and moneda de oro and oro   Swedish: guld and guld- and guldmynt and gyllene  
Tagalog: ginto   Tamil: பொன்  
Telugu: బంగారం and స్వర్ణ and స్వర్ణం   Turkish: altın  
Ukrainian: золото   Vietnamese: (bằng and (huy chương and (màu and màu and tiền and vàng  
Welsh: aur  
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