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The Lithuanian translation for Head is Galva .


Other possible / similar Lithuanian translations may be švinas .

Translations in other languages:
Albanian: kokë   Basque: buru and buruzagi and zuzendu  
Belarusian: sc=Cyrl   Bosnian: glava  
Breton: penn and ren and skeiñ   Bulgarian: глава  
Catalan: cap   Chinese:  
Croatian: glava   Dutch: ergens naar toe gaan and hoofd and leiden  
Estonian: pea   Finnish: johtaa and johtaja and pää and suunnata  
French: chef and commander and se diriger and tête   German: ansteuern and führen and Kopf and Oberhaupt  
Greek: κεφάλι and κεφαλή   Hebrew: עמד בראש and ראש  
Hungarian: fej   Icelandic: höfuð  
Ido: kapo   Indonesian: kepala and pimpin and tuju  
Interlingua: capite and chef and commandar and diriger se   Irish: ceann  
Italian: testa   Japanese: and 向かう and 指導する and 指導者  
Korean: 머리   Kurdish: ber and birêvebirin and ser and serok  
Latin: caput   Latvian: galva  
Macedonian: глава   Malayalam: തല  
Maltese: kap and ras   Polish: głowa and kierować and kierować się and kierownik  
Portuguese: cabeça and chefe and comandar and dirigir-se   Romanian: cap and şef  
Russian: возглавлять and глава and голова and направляться   Slovak: hlava  
Slovene: glava and poglavar   Spanish: cabeza and dirigirse and encabezar  
Swahili: kichwa and mkuu   Swedish: åka and huvud and leda and ledare  
Tagalog: ulo   Telugu: తల and నాయకుడు  
Turkish: baş   Ukrainian: голова  
Welsh: pen  
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