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The Lithuanian translation for Fuck is Pisti , Pistis , Supisti and Užpisti .

Translations in other languages:
Albanian: qi   Armenian: կոխել and քունած պահել and քունել  
Basque: txortan egin   Bosnian: jebati and razjebati  
Bulgarian: еба and прецаквам and развалям   Catalan: clau and follar and fotre and merda  
Chinese: and   Croatian: jebanje and jebati and jebote and razjebati and zajebati  
Danish: kneppe   Dutch: kut and neuken and potje neuken and verneuken  
Esperanto: fek' and fiki and fiko   Estonian: nuss  
Finnish: naida and nainti and olla and panna and pistää and voi vittu   French: baisage and baiser and bousiller and enculer and foutre and putain  
German: Fick and ficken and penetrieren and Scheiße   Greek: συνουσιάζομαι and γαμώτο and γαμήσι  
Hebrew: זיין   Hindi: चोदना  
Hungarian: baszás and baszik and elbaszni   Icelandic: ríða  
Indonesian: entot   Italian: cazzo and scopare and scopata  
Japanese: エッチする and ファック   Korean:  
Kurdish: gan   Latin: futuere  
Latvian: pisties   Norwegian: pule  
Polish: mieć and O kurwa and pieprzenie and pierdolić and rozpierdolić   Portuguese: foda and foder  
Romanian: futai and fute   Russian: ебать and ебня and заебать and разъебать and трахать and ёб  
Slovak: jebať and rozjebať   Slovene: fukati and zajebati and zjebati  
Spanish: ¡joder and follar and joder and polvo   Swahili: kutomba  
Swedish: fan and knulla and ligg   Tagalog: kantot  
Tamil: (UdaluRavu koLLudhal) and (Ulla udardhu)   Turkish: a siktir and ağzına vermek and sikişmek and sikmek  
Ukrainian: їбати   Vietnamese: gạc and đụ  
Welsh: ffwcio  
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