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The Lithuanian translation for Earth is Žemė , žemė and įžeminti .


Other possible / similar Lithuanian translations may be Sausuma .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: aarde   Bosnian: Zemlja  
Breton: Douar   Catalan: La Terra  
Chinese: and 地球 and 泥土   Croatian: Zemlja  
Danish: jord and jordart and Jorden and jordforbinde   Dutch: aarde and aarden and de Aarde  
Estonian: Maa and maandama and maapind   Finnish: Maa and maaperä and maattaa  
French: la Terre and terre   Frisian: ierde  
German: Erde and erden and Grund   Greek: γειώνω and γη  
Hebrew: אדמה and ארץ   Hindi: पृथ्वी and भूमि  
Hungarian: Föld and szárazföld and talaj   Icelandic: jörð  
Irish: cré and domhan   Italian: la Terra and mettere a terra and terra  
Japanese: and and 地球 and 地面 and 接地する   Korean: and and 지구  
Latin: orbis and terra   Latvian: Zeme  
Malay: bumi and tanah   Malayalam: ഭൂമി and മണ്ണ്  
Maltese: l-Art   Norwegian: jord and jorden  
Polish: uziemić and Ziemia   Portuguese: Terra  
Romanian: Pământul   Russian: Земля and заземлять and земля  
Serbian: земља   Slovak: Zem  
Slovene: Zemlja   Spanish: conectar and la Tierra and tierra  
Swahili: dunia and udongo   Swedish: jord and jorda and jorden  
Telugu: భూమి   Turkish: dünya and toprak and yer  
Urdu: زمین   Vietnamese: thổ and trái đất and đất and đặt  
Welsh: daear and y Ddaear  
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The Lithuanian translation for Bon appétit is Gero apetito