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The Irish translation for Name is Ainm .


Other possible / similar Irish translations may be Deilbh , Fíor , Pearsa and Uimhir .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: naam   Albanian: emër  
Arabic: اشتهار   Basque: izen  
Bosnian: ime and imenovati and ugled   Breton: ano and envel  
Bulgarian: избирам and име and именувам and обвинявам and определям   Catalan: anomenar and denominar and escollir and especificar and nom and reputació  
Chinese: and 命名 and 任命   Croatian: ime and ugled  
Danish: døbe and navn and nævne   Dutch: aanstellen and benoemen and kiezen and naam and noemen and vermelden  
Esperanto: nomi and nomo   Estonian: nimi  
Finnish: ilmoittaa and maine and nimetä and nimi and nimittää and tunnistaa and valita   French: choisir and identifier and nom and nommer and préciser  
Frisian: namme   German: benennen and ernennen and Name and nennen  
Greek: όνομα and διορίζω and εκλέγω and ονομάζω   Hebrew: שם  
Hindi: नाम   Hungarian: említ and hírnév and kinevez and meghatároz and megnevez and név and nevez  
Icelandic: nafn   Ido: nomo  
Indonesian: nama and sebut   Interlingua: fama and identificar and nominar and nomine and seliger and specificar  
Italian: fama and identificare and nomare and nome and nominare and scegliere and specificare   Japanese: 選ぶ and 評判 and 名前 and 名付ける and 明示する and 任命する  
Korean: 고르다 and 평판 and 이름 and 이름짓다 and 자세히 기입하다 and 지명하다   Kurdish: nav  
Latin: appellare and denotare and eligere and fama and nomen and nominare   Lithuanian: vardas  
Macedonian: име   Malay: nama  
Norwegian: kalle and navn and navngi and nevne and velge   Novial: noma and nome  
Persian: نام and نامیدن   Polish: identyfikować and imię and nazywać and określać and reputacja and wybierać and wyznaczyć  
Portuguese: escolher and especificar and identificar and nome and nomear   Romanian: nume  
Russian: выбирать and именовать and имя and обвинять and определять   Slovene: ime and imenovati  
Spanish: escoger and especificar and fama and nombrar and nombre   Swahili: jina  
Swedish: döpa and namn and nämna and utnämna   Tagalog: ngalan  
Telugu: కీర్తి and పేరు   Turkish: ad and nam  
Ukrainian: репутація and ім’я   Urdu: نام  
Vietnamese: chọn and nhận and tên and tiếng tăm and đặt tên   Welsh: enw  
Yiddish: אָנרופֿן and נאָמען  
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The Irish translation for Quail is Gearg