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The Irish translation for Love is Grá and Rúin .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: liefde   Albanian: dashur and dashuri and do and zero  
Arabic: (ħabib)   Armenian: սեր and սիրել  
Basque: laztana and maite izan and maitea   Bosnian: ljubav and voljeti  
Breton: karantez   Bulgarian: да правиш любов  
Catalan: agradar and amor and estimar and fer l'amor   Chinese: 做爱  
Croatian: ljubav and voljeti   Danish: elske and elsker and kærlighed and nul and skat  
Dutch: houden van and liefde and nul and schat and vrijen   Esperanto: amato and ami and amo and amori and nulo and ŝati  
Estonian: armastama and armastus   Finnish: mennä and nolla and pitää and rakas and rakastaa and rakkaus and romantiikka  
French: aimer and amour and faire l'amour   Frisian: hâlde fan and leaf hawwe and leafde and nul and skat  
German: Liebe and lieben and mit … schlafen and null   Greek: υπολήπτομαι and αγάπη and εκτιμώ and λατρεύω  
Hindi: प्यार   Hungarian: szerelem and szerelmeskedni and szeret and szeretet and szeretni  
Icelandic: elska   Indonesian: cinta  
Interlingua: amar and amor   Italian: amare and amore and fare and voler  
Japanese: and 恋する and 恋人 and and 気に入る   Korean: 사랑 and 애정 and 연인 and 연정 and 좋아하다  
Latin: amare and amator and amor and diligere   Latvian: mīlestība and mīlēt and mīlēties and mīļais and patikt  
Lithuanian: meilė and mylėti and mylėtis and žavėtis   Norwegian: elskling and kjærlighet  
Novial: ama and amo   Polish: kochanie and kochać and kochać się and miłość  
Portuguese: adorar and amar and amor and zero   Romanian: admira and amor and dori and face amor and iubi and iubire and iubit  
Russian: любимый and любить and любовь and нуль   Serbian: voleti  
Slovak: láska and milovať and milovať sa   Slovene: ljubezen and ljubi and ljubiti and ljubiti se  
Spanish: amar and amor and cero and encantar and hacer el amor   Swahili: kupenda  
Swedish: älska and älskling and kärlek and noll   Tagalog: irog and mahal and pag-ibig  
Tamil: காதலி and காதல்   Telugu: ప్రియురాలు and ప్రేమ  
Turkish: sevgi and sevgilim and sevişmek and sevmek   Ukrainian: кохання  
Vietnamese: cưng and không and tình yêu and yêu   Welsh: cariad and caru and caru â and dwli ar and serch  
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The Irish translation for Eleven is Aon déag