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The Interlingua translation for Right is Correcte , Derecto , Dextera and Dextere .


Other possible / similar Interlingua translations may be Ben .

Translations in other languages:
Albanian: djathtë   Bulgarian: верен and десен and десничарски and дясно and коригирам and перпендикулярен and прав and право  
Catalan: dret   Chinese: and 權利 and 正確  
Croatian: desni   Danish: højre and konservativ and ret and rette and rigtig  
Dutch: correct and recht and rechterkant and rechts and verbeteren   Esperanto: dekstra and korekta and rajto and rekta  
Estonian: õige and otse and parem   Finnish: korjata and oikea and oikeisto and suora  
French: correct and corriger and droit and droite   Galician: dereita and dereito  
German: berichtigen and gerade and Recht and Rechte and rechts and rechtwinklig and richtig   Greek: δεξιός  
Hebrew: ימין and של האגף הימני   Hungarian: egyenes and helyes and jobb and jobboldal and jog  
Icelandic: beint and hægri and rétt   Ido: dextra and dextro and korekta and yuro  
Indonesian: benar and hak and kanan and lurus and sayap   Irish: deas  
Italian: correggere and corretto and destro and diritto   Japanese: まっすぐ and 訂正する and and 右翼 and 垂直 and 権利 and 正しい  
Korean: 곧다 and 권리 and 오른 and 옳다   Kurdish: ماف and راست  
Latin: dexter and rectus   Maltese: dritt and korett and lemin  
Norwegian: høyre and høyre siden and rett and riktig   Polish: poprawny and prawy  
Portuguese: correto and corrigir and de direita and direita and direito and perpendicular   Romanian: dreapta and dreaptă and drept  
Russian: исправлять and перпендикулярный and правильный and право and правый and прямой   Slovene: desni and desnica and desničarski and popravljati and pravi  
Spanish: correcto and corregir and de la derecha and derecha and derecho and perpendicular   Swedish: höger and höger- and högern and rak and rät and rätt and rätta  
Telugu: కుడి and లంబ and సరైన   Thai: ดิ่ว and ฝ่ายขวา and มุมฉาก  
Turkish: düz and düzeltmek and dik and doğru and hak and sağ and tutucu   Vietnamese: phải and thẳng and vuông góc  
Welsh: reit  
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