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The Indonesian translation for Check is Bon , Cek and Skak .


Other possible / similar Indonesian translations may be Kontrol , Lihat and Sesuai .

Translations in other languages:
Dutch: cheque and rekening and schaak   Estonian: tuli  
Finnish: lasku and sekki and shakki   French: addition and échec and chèque  
German: Rechnung and Schach and Scheck   Italian: assegno and conto and scacco  
Kurdish: çek   Polish: czek and rachunek and szach  
Portuguese: cheque and xeque   Romanian: şah  
Russian: счёт and чек and шах   Slovak: účet and šach and šek  
Slovene: račun and šah and ček   Spanish: cheque and cuenta and jaque  
Swedish: check and nota and schack  
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The Indonesian translation for Orphan is Anak yatim