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The Indonesian translation for Act is Tindak .


Other possible / similar Indonesian translations may be Angka and Buat .

Translations in other languages:
Danish: agere and akt and handling   Dutch: akte and handelen and handeling and wet  
Esperanto: agi   Finnish: laki and näytös and tehdä and teko  
French: acte and faire and loi   German: Akt and Gesetz and handeln and Handlung  
Ido: agar   Italian: agire and atto and legge  
Japanese: 行動   Lithuanian: veikti  
Malay: akta and babak and buat and lakon and tindak   Polish: akt and czyn and działanie and działać  
Portuguese: ato   Slovak: dejstvo and skutok  
Spanish: acto and actuar and ley   Swedish: agera and akt and handling  
Telugu: అంకము and చట్టం and చర్య  
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