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The Indonesian translation for Russian is Bahasa Rusia , Orang and Rusia .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: Russies   Albanian: Rusisht  
Armenian: ռուսական   Basque: Errusiera  
Belarusian: Расейскай   Bosnian: Rus and Ruski  
Breton: Ruseg   Bulgarian: руски and руснак  
Catalan: rus   Chinese: 俄羅斯 and 俄羅斯人 and 俄語  
Croatian: Ruski   Danish: russer and russisk  
Dutch: Rus and Russisch   Esperanto: Rusa and ruso  
Estonian: Vene and venelane   Finnish: venäjä and venäläinen  
French: russe   Georgian: რუსული  
German: Russe and Russisch   Hebrew: רוסי and רוסית  
Hindi: रशियन   Hungarian: orosz  
Icelandic: rússki and Rússneska and rússneskur   Interlingua: russe and russo  
Irish: Rúisis   Italian: russo  
Japanese: ロシア and ロシア語 and ロシア人   Korean: 러시아어  
Latvian: Krievs and Krievu   Lithuanian: Rusų  
Macedonian: Руски   Malay: orang and Rusia  
Maltese: Russu   Norwegian: russer and russisk  
Polish: Rosjanin and rosyjski   Portuguese: russo  
Romanian: rus and rusesc and rusă   Russian: российский and русский  
Slovak: Rus and ruský and ruština   Slovene: Rus and ruščina  
Slovenian: ruski   Spanish: ruso  
Swahili: Kirusi   Swedish: rysk and ryska and ryss  
Tagalog: Ruso   Tamil: ருஸ்சியன்  
Turkish: Rus and Rusça   Ukrainian: російська and російський and росіянин  
Vietnamese: người Nga and Tiếng Nga   Welsh: Rwsieg  
Yiddish: רוסיש  
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The Indonesian translation for Wisdom tooth is Gigi