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The Ido translation for Free is Gratuita and Libera .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: bevry and verniet   Albanian: falas and lejuar and lirë and liroj and pafre and pazënë  
Armenian: ազատ and անվճար and առանց   Catalan: de franc and liure and lliure  
Croatian: besplatan and neograničen and slobodan   Danish: befri and fri and gratis  
Dutch: bevrijden and gratis and vrij   Esperanto: libera and liberi and senkosta  
Estonian: piiramatu and tasuta and vaba and vabastama   Finnish: auki and ilmainen and vapaa and vapauttaa  
French: gratuit and libérer and libre   Frisian: fergees and frij  
German: befreien and frei and umsonst   Greek: δωρεάν and ελευθερώνω and ελεύθερος  
Hindi: आज़ाद   Hungarian: szabad  
Indonesian: bebas and gratis   Interlingua: gratis and liberar and libere  
Irish: saor   Italian: gratuito and liberare and libero  
Japanese: そのまま and フリー and 無料 and 自由   Korean: 막힘 and 무료 and 자유 and 자유적 and 자의  
Latin: liber and liberare and līber   Latvian: bezmaksas and brīvs  
Lithuanian: išlaisvinti and laisvas and nemokama and nemokamas   Malayalam: സൌജന്യം and സ്വതന്ത്രം  
Norwegian: åpen and fri and frigjøre and gratis   Novial: liberi  
Persian: آزاد   Polish: darmowy and wolny  
Portuguese: grátis and libertar and livre   Romanian: a elibera and gratis and gratuit and liber  
Russian: бесплатный and беспрепятственный and освобождать and свободный   Serbian: besplatno and bezobavezno and osloboditi and povoljno and slobodan  
Slovak: oslobodiť   Slovene: osvoboditi and prost and svoboden and zastonj  
Slovenian: prost   Spanish: gratis and librar and libre  
Swahili: bure and huru   Swedish: befria and fri and gratis  
Turkish: özgür and bedava and engellenmemiş and hür and serbest and serbest bırakmak   Ukrainian: безкоштовний and вільний  
Urdu: آزاد  
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