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The Hungarian translation for Man is Ember , Férfi and Paraszt .


Other possible / similar Hungarian translations may be úriember , Darab , Emberi , Urak and Világ .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: man and mens   Albanian: burrë and njeri  
Arabic: sc=ARchar   Armenian: մարդ and տղամարդ  
Basque: gizon   Bosnian: čovjek  
Breton: den and gwaz   Bulgarian: мъж and фигура and човек  
Catalan: home   Chinese: 男人 and  
Croatian: muškarac and čovjek   Danish: mand and menneske  
Dutch: de mens and man and mens and pion   Esperanto: homo and viro  
Estonian: inimene and mees and nupp   Finnish: ihminen and mies and pelinappula  
French: homme and pion   Frisian: man and minske  
Georgian: ადამიანი and კაცი   German: Mann and Mensch and Stein  
Greek: πιόνι and άνθρωπος   Hebrew: אדם and אנושות  
Hindi: आदमी   Icelandic: karlmaður and manneskja and menn  
Ido: homo and viro   Indonesian: orang and pria  
Interlingua: homine   Irish: fear  
Italian: pedina and uomo   Japanese: 男性 and and  
Korean: 남자 and 사람   Kurdish: berik and mêr and mirov  
Latin: homo and vir   Malay: lelaki  
Malayalam: പുരുഷന്‍   Maltese: bniedem and raġel  
Norwegian: brikke and mann and menneske   Novial: home and viro  
Persian: sc=FAchar   Polish: człowiek and mężczyzna and pionek  
Portuguese: homem   Romanian: bărbat and om  
Russian: мужчина and фигура and человек   Slovak: muž and človek  
Slovene: moški and človek   Spanish: gente and hombre and peón and varón  
Swedish: man and människa and spelpjäs   Turkish: adam and insan and taş  
Ukrainian: чоловік   Welsh: gŵr  
Yiddish: mentsh and מאן  
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