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The Hungarian translation for Country is Ország , Vidék and Vidéki .


Other possible / similar Hungarian translations may be állam , állapot , Leszáll , Nemzet and Nemzetközösség .

Translations in other languages:
Albanian: atdhe and fshat   Bosnian: selo and zemlja  
Breton: bro and diwar ar maez and maez   Bulgarian: село and страна  
Catalan: camp and país   Chinese: 國家  
Croatian: selo and zemlja   Danish: land  
Dutch: land and platteland and plattelands   Esperanto: kamparo and lando  
Finnish: maa and maalainen and maaseutu   French: campagne and de la campagne and pays  
Frisian: boerelân and lân   German: Land and ländlich  
Greek: χώρα and αγροτικός and εξοχή   Hebrew: ארץ and כפר and כפרי  
Hindi: देश   Icelandic: land  
Ido: lando   Indonesian: bangsa and desa and negara  
Interlingua: pais and rural   Italian: campagna and di campagna and paese  
Japanese: 田舎 and   Korean: 나라 and 시골  
Latin: paganus and rus and terra   Latvian: valsts  
Macedonian: држава   Malay: negara  
Malayalam: നാട്ടുമ്പുറം and രാജ്യം   Norwegian: land  
Novial: lande and natione and rural and rure   Persian: روستا  
Polish: kraj and wiejski and wieś   Portuguese: campo and país and rural  
Romanian: rural and ţară   Russian: деревенский and деревня and страна  
Slovak: dedina and dedinský and krajina   Slovene: dežela and država and podeželje and podeželsko  
Spanish: campo and de campo and país   Swahili: -a kimashamba and shamba and U-  
Swedish: land and land- and landsbygd   Telugu: దేశము  
Turkish: ülke and eyalet and kırsal and taşra   Ukrainian: країна and село  
Vietnamese: quốc gia and tỉnn  
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