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The Hebrew translation for Bow is להתכופף , לקוד , קֶשֶת , קידה and קשת .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: strykstok   Albanian: hark  
Bosnian: luk   Breton: gwareg  
Catalan: arc and corba and corbar and proa   Chinese: 鞠躬 and and 弦樂器的弓 and 彎曲  
Croatian: luk   Danish: bov and bue and buk and bukke  
Dutch: boeg and boog and buigen and buiging and een buiging and strijkstok   Esperanto: arko and arĉo and pruo  
Estonian: vibu   Finnish: jousi and kaari and keula and kumarrus and kumartaa and taipua  
French: arc and archet and étrave and fléchir and révérence and s'incliner   Frisian: boech and strykstôk  
German: Bogen and Bug and sich biegen and sich verbeugen and Verbeugung   Greek: τόξο  
Hungarian: íj and hajóorr and meghajol and vonó   Icelandic: bogi and bogna and hneiging and hneigja sig and kjölur  
Ido: pruo   Italian: arco and curvarsi and inchinarsi and prua  
Japanese: 辞儀 and   Kurdish: kevan  
Latin: arcus   Lithuanian: smičius  
Malay: busur   Malayalam: കുനിയുക and വില്ല്  
Norwegian: baug and bue   Polish: dziób and smyczek and ukłonić się and zgięcie and łuk  
Portuguese: arco and curvar-se and proa and reverência   Romanian: arc  
Russian: гнуться and излучина and кланяться and лук and нос and поклон and смычок   Serbian: naklon  
Slovak: luk and prova and sláčik   Slovene: lok  
Spanish: arco and arquear and doblar and proa and reverencia   Swedish: båge and böja and bocka and bockning and bog and stråke  
Telugu: విల్లు   Turkish: yay  
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