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The Hebrew translation for French is צרפתים and צרפתית .

Translations in other languages:
Bosnian: francuski and francuzi   Breton: Gallaoued and galleg  
Bulgarian: Френски   Catalan: Francès  
Chinese: 法語 and 法國人   Croatian: francuski and Francuzi  
Danish: fransk and franskmænd   Dutch: (de) Fransen and Frans  
Estonian: prantslased and prantsuse   Finnish: ranska and ranskalainen  
French: français and les Français   Frisian: (de) Frânsen and Frânsk  
German: die Franzosen and Französisch   Greek: Γάλλοι and γαλλικός and γαλλικά  
Hindi: फ़्राँसीसी   Hungarian: francia and franciák  
Icelandic: Frakkar and franska   Indonesian: bahasa Perancis  
Interlingua: francese and franceses   Italian: francese and i francesi  
Japanese: フランス and フランス語 and フランス人   Latin: Galli and lingua Francogallica  
Latvian: francūži and franču valoda   Malay: bahasa Perancis  
Maltese: Franċiżi and il-Franċiż   Norwegian: fransk and franskmenn  
Novial: franses and fransum   Persian: فرانسه  
Polish: francuski and Francuzi   Portuguese: francês and franceses  
Romanian: francezi and franceză   Russian: французский and французы  
Slovene: francoski and Francozi and francoščina   Spanish: francés and franceses  
Swedish: fransk and franska and fransmän   Turkish: Fransız and Fransızca  
Vietnamese: tiếng Pháp   Welsh: Ffrangeg  
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