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The German translation for Smoke is Rauch , Rauchen and Räuchern .


Other possible / similar German translations may be Gras , Kugel , Rasen , Stinktier , Topf and Unkraut .

Translations in other languages:
Albanian: tym   Basque: ke  
Bulgarian: пушек and цигара   Catalan: fum  
Chinese: and 吸煙   Croatian: dim  
Danish: røg and ryge   Dutch: roken and rook and sigaret  
Esperanto: fumo   Estonian: suits and suitsetama  
Finnish: polttaa and rööki and savu and savustaa and savuta   French: clope and fumée and fumer  
Georgian: ბოლი and სიგარეტი   Greek: καπνός and καπνίζω  
Hungarian: dohányzik and füst   Icelandic: reykur  
Ido: fumar and fumo   Indonesian: rokok  
Interlingua: fumar and fumo   Italian: affumicare and fumare and fumo  
Japanese: and 煙る   Korean: 담배피우다 and 뿜다 and 피우다 and 연기 and 훈제하다  
Kurdish: cigare and dûkêl   Latin: fumare and fumus  
Latvian: dūmi and kūpināt and kūpēt and smēķēt   Lithuanian: dūmas  
Polish: dym and dymić and fajka and palić   Portuguese: fumar and fumegar and fumo  
Romanian: fum   Russian: дым and дымиться and коптить and курево and курить  
Slovak: údiť and dym and dymiť and fajčiť   Slovene: dim and kaditi  
Spanish: fumar and humo and pito   Swahili: moshi  
Swedish: cigg and rök and röka and ryka   Telugu: పొగ  
Welsh: mwg and mwgyn and mygu and ysmygu  
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