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The German translation for Dark is Dunkel , Dunkelheit and Dunkelwerden .


Other possible / similar German translations may be Abend , Übernachtung , Blau , Nacht , Obskur , Sauer , Schatten , Schwarz and Schwarze .

Translations in other languages:
Breton: teñval and teñvalded and teñvalijenn   Bulgarian: мрак and невидение and свечеряване and тъмен  
Danish: dunkel and mørk and mørke and uvidenhed   Dutch: donker and duister and het vallen van de avond and ongewisse  
Finnish: pimeä and pimeys and tietämättömyys   French: noir and obscure and tombée de la nuit  
Frisian: tsjuster   Greek: σκοτεινός and σούρουπο  
Hebrew: חושך and חשוך   Hindi: अंधेरा and गुप्त  
Hungarian: sötét and sötétedés and sötétség and tudatlanság   Icelandic: dökkur  
Italian: oscurità and oscuro and scuro and tenebra   Japanese: 暗い and 暗黒  
Korean: 무식 and 해질녘 and 어둠 and 어둡다   Latin: annoctatio and obscuritas  
Latvian: tumsa and tumšs   Malay: gelap  
Malayalam: അറിവില്ലായ്‌മ and ഇരുട്ട്   Polish: ciemność and ciemny and mroczny and mroki and zmrok  
Romanian: murg   Russian: неведение and темнота and тьма and тёмный  
Serbian: mrak and tama and zamračeno   Slovene: nevednost and tema and temen  
Spanish: anochecer and oscuridad and oscuro   Swedish: mörk and mörker  
Vietnamese: (sự) dốt nát and bóng tối and mờ ám and tối and đêm  
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