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The German translation for English is Engländer , Englisch and German .


Other possible / similar German translations may be Seite .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: afrikaans and Engels   Albanian: albanian and anglisht  
Arabic: arabic   Armenian: armenian and անգլերեն and անգլիական  
Basque: basque and ingelesa   Belarusian: belarusian and ангельскай  
Bosnian: bosnian and engleski   Breton: breton and Saoz and saoznek  
Bulgarian: bulgarian and английски and англичанин   Catalan: anglès and catalan  
Chinese: chinese   Croatian: croatian and engleski  
Danish: danish and engelsk and englænder   Dutch: dutch and Engels and Engelsman  
Esperanto: angla and anglalingva and anglo and esperanto   Estonian: estonian and inglane and inglise  
Finnish: englanti and englantilainen and finnish   French: anglais and french  
Frisian: frisian and ingelsk   Galician: galician and inglés  
Georgian: ინგლისური and georgian   Greek: greek and Άγγλος and αγγλικός and αγγλικά  
Hebrew: hebrew and אנגלי and אנגלית   Hindi: अंग्रेज़ and अंग्रेज़ी and hindi  
Hungarian: angol and hungarian   Icelandic: englendingur and enska and icelandic  
Ido: ido   Indonesian: bahasa and indonesian and orang  
Interlingua: anglese and interlingua   Irish: Béarla and Bearla and irish and Sasanach  
Italian: inglese and italian   Japanese: イギリス and イギリス人 and 英語 and japanese  
Korean: 영국 and 영국인 and 영어 and korean   Kurdish: inglîz and inglîzî and kurdish  
Latin: Anglica and Anglus and latin   Latvian: angļu and latvian  
Lithuanian: angliškai and lithuanian   Macedonian: англиски and macedonian  
Malay: bahasa and Inggeris and malay and orang   Malayalam: malayalam  
Maltese: ingliż and l-Ingliż and maltese   Norwegian: engelsk and engelskmann and norwegian  
Novial: angle and angli and anglum and novial   Persian: persian  
Polish: angielski and Anglik and język angielski and polish   Portuguese: inglês and portuguese  
Romanian: (limbă and englez and engleză and romanian   Russian: английский and англичанин and russian  
Serbian: serbian   Slovak: anglický and Angličan and angličtina and slovak  
Slovene: angleški and angleščina and Anglež and slovene   Slovenian: slovenian  
Spanish: inglés and spanish   Swahili: -ingereza and Kiingereza and Mwingereza and swahili  
Swedish: engelsk and engelska and engelsman and swedish   Tagalog: ingles and tagalog  
Tamil: ஆங்கிலம் and ஆங்கிலேயர் and tamil   Telugu: telugu  
Thai: thai   Turkish: turkish and İngilizce  
Ukrainian: англійська and англієць and ukrainian   Urdu: urdu and انگریز and انگریزی  
Vietnamese: người Anh and tiếng Anh and vietnamese   Welsh: saesneg and welsh  
Yiddish: yiddish and ענגליש  
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