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  Georgian translations for Carbon

The Georgian translation for Carbon is ნახშირბადი .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: koolstof   Armenian: ածխածին  
Belarusian: вуглярод   Bosnian: ugalj and ugljik  
Breton: glaou and karbon   Bulgarian: въглен and въглерод and копие  
Catalan: carbó and carboni and còpia and paper carbó   Chinese:  
Croatian: ugalj and ugljik   Danish: gennemslagskopi and kul and kulstof  
Dutch: doorslag and kool and koolstof   Esperanto: karbono  
Estonian: süsinik   Finnish: hiili and kalkkeripaperi and kopsu  
French: carbone and charbon   Frisian: koalstof  
German: Kohle and Kohlenstoff   Greek: άνθρακας and αντίγραφο από καρμπόν and γαιάνθρακας and καρμπόν  
Hebrew: פחמן   Hindi: कार्बन  
Hungarian: szén   Icelandic: kolefni and kolefnis pappír  
Interlingua: carbon and copia al papiro carbon   Italian: carbonio  
Japanese: カーボンコピー and and 炭素   Korean: 탄소 and 카아본지  
Latin: carbo   Latvian: : ogleklis and ogle  
Macedonian: jаглерод   Malay: arang and karbon  
Maltese: karbonju   Norwegian: blåkopi and blåpapir and karbon and kull  
Polish: kalka and węgiel   Portuguese: carbono and carvão and papel-carbono  
Romanian: carbon and copie la indigo and cărbune   Russian: копировальная бумага and углерод and уголь  
Slovene: ogljik   Spanish: carbón and carbono and copia con papel carbón and papel carbón  
Swedish: genomslagskopia and karbonpapper and kol   Tamil: கரிமக் காகிதம் and கரிமம்  
Telugu: అచ్చు కాగితం and కర్బనం   Turkish: karbon and kömür  
Vietnamese: bản sao and cacbon and giấy than and than  
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