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The French translation for Sweet is Charmant , Doux , Frais , Friandise , Sucré and Sympathique .


Other possible / similar French translations may be Dessert .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: hulpwardig and lieflik and soet   Albanian: ëmbël  
Basque: gozo   Breton: c'hwek and dous and fresk and heson  
Bulgarian: сладък   Catalan: dolç  
Croatian: sladak   Danish: frisk and konfekt and melodisk and sød and sødet and usaltet and venlig  
Dutch: lief and snoep and zoet   Esperanto: dolĉa and sekeraĵo  
Finnish: herttainen and ihana and makea and makeinen and miellyttävä and raikas and ystävällinen   German: lecker and lieblich and nett and süß and Süß- and Süßigkeit and wohlriechend and zuckerhaltig  
Greek: πράος and ανάλατος and γλυκός and γλυκόηχος and ευωδιαστός   Hebrew: מתוק  
Hindi: मीठा   Hungarian: édes and édesség  
Icelandic: sætur   Italian: (''food'') non salato and dolce and dolcetto and dolcificato and fresco and intonato and profumato and simpatico  
Japanese: sc=Jpan   Korean: 달다 and 달콤하다 and 마음좋다 and 감미 and 삼삼하다 and 신선하다 and 향기롭다  
Kurdish: destxweş and xwînşirîn and şirîn and شیرین   Latin: suavis  
Latvian: salds   Lithuanian: saldus  
Malayalam: മധുരം   Norwegian: (''butter'') usaltet and fersk and hjelpsom and søt and søtlig and snill and sukkertilsatt and vakker  
Polish: cukierek and słodki and słodzony   Portuguese: doce and perfumado  
Romanian: dulce   Russian: душистый and конфета and милый and пресный and сладкий and сладкозвучный  
Slovak: sladký   Slovenian: sladek  
Spanish: agradable and amable and azucarado and dulce and fresco   Swedish: behaglig and frisk and hjälpsam and karamell and ljuv and söt  
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The French translation for Paw is Patte