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  French translations for Step

The French translation for Step is Pas .


Other possible / similar French translations may be Abus , Abuser , Escalier and Viole .

Translations in other languages:
Chinese: and   Croatian: korak  
Danish: skridt   Dutch: stap  
Estonian: astuma   Finnish: askel and astua  
German: Schritt and treten   Greek: βήμα  
Hebrew: צעד   Hungarian: lép and lépés  
Icelandic: skref   Italian: passo  
Japanese: 歩く and 歩み   Korean: 단계  
Polish: krok   Portuguese: passo  
Russian: шаг and шагать   Slovene: korak  
Spanish: caminar and paso   Swedish: steg  
Turkish: adım  
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The French translation for King is Roi