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  French translations for March

The French translation for March is Défilé , Marche , Marcher and Mars .


Other possible / similar French translations may be Bord , Frontière , Parade and Recette .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: maart   Albanian: mars  
Armenian: մարտ   Basque: martxo  
Belarusian: сакавік   Bosnian: mart  
Breton: Meurzh   Bulgarian: март  
Catalan: manifestació and març and marxa and pas   Chinese: 三月  
Croatian: ožujak   Danish: gang and march and marchere and marts  
Dutch: maart and marcheren and mars   Esperanto: marto  
Estonian: marss and marssima and märts   Finnish: maaliskuu and marssi and marssia  
Galician: marzo   Georgian: მარტი  
German: Fortgang and Marsch and marschieren and März and Parade   Greek: Μάρτιος  
Hebrew: לצעוד and מארש and מצעד and מרס and צעידה   Hindi: मार्च  
Hungarian: március   Icelandic: ganga and gangur and mars and marsera and marsering  
Ido: marto   Indonesian: maret  
Interlingua: martio   Irish: Márta  
Italian: marcia and marciare and marzo   Japanese: 三月  
Korean: 삼월   Latin: Martius  
Latvian: marts and maršs   Lithuanian: kovas  
Maltese: Marzu   Norwegian: gang and mars and marsj and marsjere  
Novial: marte   Persian: مارس  
Polish: marsz and marzec and maszerować   Portuguese: março and marcha and marchar and passeata  
Romanian: martie   Russian: март and марш and маршировать and ход  
Slovak: marec   Slovene: korakati and marš and márec  
Spanish: marcha and marchar and marzo   Swedish: fortgång and mars and marsch and marschera  
Tagalog: Marso and martsa   Tamil: மார்ச்  
Telugu: మార్చి   Turkish: mart  
Ukrainian: березень   Vietnamese: tháng ba  
Welsh: Mawrth  
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The French translation for Straight is Droit