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The French translation for Go is Aller , Go and S’en aller .


Other possible / similar French translations may be Adam , Adamo , épeler , Bouger , Briser , Capter, piger , Casser , Charme , Courir , , Début , Déménager , Dernier , Devenir , Fonction , Fonctionner , Fusil , Habiter , Marcher , Mener , Mourir , Obtenir , Offrir , Opérer , Outrepasser , Pause , Plomb , Recevoir , Rompre , Se casser , Se mouvoir , Se rompre , Sonner , Sortie , Sortir , Travailler , Vivant , Vivre and Voyager .

Translations in other languages:
Albanian: ecën   Arabic: ذهب  
Basque: joan   Bosnian: ići  
Catalan: anar and desaparèixer   Chinese: and and 围棋  
Croatian: ići   Danish:  
Dutch: gaan and go and verdwijnen   Esperanto: foriri and goo and iri  
Finnish: go, go-peli and kadota and mennä   German: gehen and Go and verschwinden  
Hungarian: eltűnni and megy   Ido: irar  
Indonesian: pergi   Irish: téigh  
Italian: andare and sparire   Japanese: 行く and 見えなくなる and 囲碁  
Korean: 가다 and 바둑 and 사라지다   Kurdish: çûn  
Latin: ire   Latvian: iet  
Norwegian: forsvinne and reise   Novial: vada  
Persian: رفتن   Polish: iść  
Portuguese: desaparacer and ir   Romanian: a dispărea and a merge  
Russian: го and исчезать and ходить   Serbian: izčeznuti  
Slovak: ísť   Slovene: iti  
Spanish: desaparecer and ir   Swedish: försvinna and and go  
Telugu: వెళ్ళు   Thai: ไป  
Turkish: git   Ukrainian: ходити  
Vietnamese: đi   Welsh: mynd  
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