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The French translation for Fire is Cuire , Feu , Incendie , Licencier , Poêle and Tirer .


Other possible / similar French translations may be Arrosoir , Attaque , élever , Bidon , Boîte de conserve , Brûler , Conserver , Flamme , Pouvoir , Sac and Se taire .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: bak and ontslaan and vuur   Albanian: zjarr  
Armenian: կրակ and հրդեհ and վառարան   Basque: su  
Bosnian: peć and vatra   Bulgarian: огън and печка and пожар and стрелям and уволнявам  
Catalan: foc and incendi   Croatian: peć and požar and vatra  
Danish: affyre and brand and fyre and ild and opvarme and ovn   Dutch: afvuren and bakken and brand and ontslaan and vuren and vuur  
Esperanto: brulego and fajro   Finnish: antaa potkut and liesi and polttaa and tuli and tulipalo and tulittaa  
Frisian: brân and dien jaan and fjoer and sjitte   Galician: lume  
German: abfeuern and brennen and Feuer and feuern and Ofen   Greek: φωτιά and θερμάστρα  
Hindi: आग   Hungarian: kályha and kirúg and tüzel and tűz  
Icelandic: eldur and ofn   Indonesian: api  
Irish: tine   Italian: fuoco and incendio and licenziare and sparare and stufa  
Japanese: ストーブ and and 火事 and 発射 and   Korean: and 큰불 and 화덕  
Kurdish: agir   Latin: focus and ignis and incendium  
Latvian: degšana and uguns   Malay: api and bahan and kebakaran  
Malayalam: തീ   Maltese: nar  
Norwegian: avfyre and bål and brann and brenne and fyre and gi sparken and ild and ovn   Novial: faire  
Polish: ogień and piec and pożar and żar   Portuguese: cozinhar and despedir and disparar and fogão and fogo and incêndio  
Romanian: foc and sobă   Russian: горение and обжигать and огонь and печь and пожар and стрелять and увольнять  
Slovak: kachle and oheň   Slovene: odpustiti and ogenj and peč and požar and ustreliti and žgati  
Spanish: cocer and despedir and disparar and estufa and fuego and incendio   Swahili: kupiga risasi and moto  
Swedish: avfyra and brasa and bränna and eld and skjuta and sparka and spis   Telugu: ఉద్యోగం నుండి తొలగించు and కాల్చు and మంట  
Turkish: ateş and ocak   Ukrainian: вогонь and піч  
Vietnamese: hỏa and lửa and vụ   Welsh: diswyddo and saethu and stof and tanio and tân  
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