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The French translation for Change is Changement , Changer , Monnaie and Remplacer .


Other possible / similar French translations may be Transférer and Transfert .

Translations in other languages:
Albanian: ndryshim   Catalan: canvi  
Croatian: promjena   Danish: ændre and ændring and skifte and småpenge  
Dutch: veranderen and verandering and verwisselen and wisselgeld   Esperanto: ŝanĝi and ŝanĝiĝi and ŝanĝo  
Finnish: muutos and muuttaa and muuttua and vaihtaa and vaihtoraha   German: Änderung and ändern and sich ändern and Wechselgeld and wechseln  
Hebrew: להחליף and להשתנות and לשנות and עודף and שינוי   Hindi: छुट्टा and बदलना  
Hungarian: változás   Ido: chanjo and kambio  
Indonesian: ubah   Italian: cambiare and cambio and resto  
Japanese: お釣り and 変える and 変わる and 変化 and 代える   Korean: 변화  
Latin: cambiare and cambiatio   Malayalam: ചില്ലറ and മാറ്റം  
Polish: zamienić and zmiana and zmienić and zmienić się   Portuguese: alterar and mudança and mudar and troco  
Romanian: a înlocui and a schimba and schimb   Russian: заменять and изменять and изменяться  
Serbian: promena and sitnina   Slovene: drobiž and sprememba and spremeniti and zamenjati  
Spanish: cambiar and cambio   Swedish: ändra and ändras and byta and förändring and växel  
Telugu: చిల్లర and మారు and మార్చు and మార్పు  
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The French translation for Represent is Représenter