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The Finnish translation for Shit is (voi) paska , Paska , Paskantaa and Ripuli .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: stront   Bosnian: dijareja and ekskrement and pogan and sranje  
Breton: kaoc'h   Bulgarian: лайно  
Catalan: merda   Chinese: 大便  
Croatian: sranje   Danish: lort  
Dutch: diarree and gelul and klootzak and poep and schijten   Estonian: pask and sitt  
French: caguer and déféquer and des conneries and la courante and merde   German: (''man'') Scheißkerl and Durchfall and Scheiße and scheißen and Scheiss  
Greek: σκατό and σκατά and διάρροια   Hebrew: חרא  
Hungarian: francba and szar and szarik   Icelandic: helvítis and kúka  
Interlingua: merda   Italian: cacare and merda and porcheria and stronzate and stronzo  
Japanese: クソッ and and 大便をする and 下痢   Korean:  
Kurdish:   Latin: cacare and merda  
Latvian: kaka and kakāt   Lithuanian: iššikti and kakis and kakoti and šiknius and šūdas  
Macedonian: гомнар and гомненици and измет and пролив and odi po golema nuzhda,kaka,sere and sere   Norwegian: dritt and faen  
Polish: gówno and kupa and srać   Portuguese: cagar and diarréia and filho da puta and merda  
Romanian: căcat   Russian: высирать and говно and говнюк and дрисня and ебать and срать  
Slovak: do riti and hovno   Slovene: drek and sranje and srati  
Spanish: cagar and mierda   Swedish: diarré and fan and skit and skita  
Turkish: bok   Vietnamese: cứt  
Welsh: cachu  
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The Finnish translation for Raven is Korppi