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The Finnish translation for Hello is Haloo , Huhuu and Terve .


Other possible / similar Finnish translations may be Hei .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: hallo   Albanian: tungjatjeta  
Armenian: ալլո and բարև   Basque: kaixo  
Bosnian: halo and zdravo   Bulgarian: ало and здравей  
Catalan: digui and hola   Chinese: (Standard Chinese): 你好 and and 有人吗  
Croatian: halo and molim and zdravo   Danish: hallo and hej  
Dutch: hallo   Esperanto: saluton  
Estonian: hallo and halloo and tere   French: allô and eh oh and salut  
Frisian: hallo   Galician: ola  
Georgian: ალო and გამარჯობა   German: hallo  
Greek: εμπρός   Hebrew: שלום  
Hindi: नमस्कार and नमस्ते   Hungarian: halló and szia  
Icelandic: halló   Indonesian: hai and halo  
Interlingua: bon die and hallo   Irish: dia dhuit  
Italian: c'è nessuno and ciao and pronto   Japanese: おはようございます and もしもし  
Korean: 계세요 and 여보세요   Latin: salve  
Lithuanian: alio and labas and sveiki   Maltese: bonġu and hawn xi ħadd? and ħellow  
Norwegian: hallo   Persian: (alo)  
Polish: cześć and halo   Portuguese: alô and oi and olá  
Romanian: alo and salut   Russian: алло and ау and привет  
Slovak: ahoj and haló   Slovene: halo and živjo  
Spanish: aló and ¿aló and hola   Swahili: jambo  
Swedish: hallå   Tagalog: kamusta and magandang tanghali po  
Tamil: வணக்கம்   Turkish: alo and merhaba  
Ukrainian: алло and привіт   Vietnamese: a-lô and xin chào  
Welsh: helo  
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