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The Dutch translation for Latin is Latijn , Latijns and Romein .

Translations in other languages:
Catalan: llatí   Chinese: 拉丁的 and 拉丁美洲 and 拉丁人  
Danish: latin and latinamerikansk and latinsk and romer and romersk   Esperanto: latia and latina and Latino and romia and romiano  
Finnish: latina and latinalainen and latinalaisamerikkalainen and roomalainen   French: latin  
German: Latein and lateinamerikanisch and lateinisch and latinisch and Römer and römisch and romanisch   Greek: λατινικά  
Hebrew: לטיני and לטינית and רומאי   Hungarian: latin  
Interlingua: latin and latino and roman and romano   Italian: latino and laziale and neolatino and romano and sudamericano  
Japanese: ラテン and ラテンアメリカ and ラテン系 and ラテン語 and 古代 and 古代ローマ人   Korean: 라틴어 and 고대로마인  
Latvian: latīņu and latīņu valoda   Lithuanian: lotynų kalba  
Polish: język łaciński and latynoski and rzymski and łaciński   Portuguese: latim and latino and latino-americano and romano  
Romanian: (limbă and latin and latino-american   Russian: латинский and латинский язык and римлянин and римский and романский  
Slovene: latinski and latinščina and Rimljan   Spanish: latín and latino and romano  
Swedish: latin and latinsk and romare   Turkish: Latin Amerikalı and Latince and Romalı  
Vietnamese: (tiếng and chữ and La Mã and Mỹ Latinh and người   Welsh: Lladin  
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