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The Danish translation for Circle is Cirkel , Kreds , Kredsløb , Omkredse and Sætte ring om .


Other possible / similar Danish translations may be Gå ned , Mængde , Samling and Sætte .

Translations in other languages:
Breton: kelc'h   Catalan: òrbita and cercle and disc  
Chinese: 畫圓圈 and 運轉 and 軌道 and 圈子 and 圍著 and and 圓形 and and 旋轉   Dutch: baan and cirkel and cirkelen and kring and omcirkelen  
Esperanto: cirklo and rondo   Finnish: kaari and kiertää and piiri and rata and ympäröidä and ympyrä  
French: cercle and cercler and disque and entourer   Georgian: მრუდე ხაზი and ორბიტი and წრე  
German: einkreisen and Kreis and kreisen and umkreisen and Zirkel   Greek: κύκλος  
Hebrew: חוג and להסתובב and להקיף and להקיף בעיגול and לסוב and מסלול and מעגל and סיבוב   Hungarian: kör and körlap  
Icelandic: hringur   Italian: cerchiare and cerchio and circolo and circondare and curva and disco and orbita and ruotare  
Japanese: サークル and and 円形 and 周遊する and 回る   Latin: circulus and corona and orbis  
Malayalam: ഭ്രമണ പഥം and വട്ടം and വൃത്തം   Norwegian: sirkel  
Portuguese: círculo and circular and circundar   Russian: круг and кружить and кружиться and окружать and окружность and орбита  
Slovak: krúžiť and kruh and kružnica and zakrúžkovať   Slovene: krog and krožnica  
Spanish: órbita and círculo and circular and curva and moverse en círculo and rodear   Swedish: cirkel and cirkla and krets and omge and ringa in  
Telugu: కక్ష్య and వృత్తము  
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