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The Croatian translation for Call is Zvati .


Other possible / similar Croatian translations may be Ime , Plakati , Prsten , Ring , Telefon and Ugled .

Translations in other languages:
Arabic: سَمَّى   Dutch: noemen and opbellen and roepen and schreeuwen  
Esperanto: voki and voko   Finnish: huuto and kutsu and kutsua and soittaa and soitto  
French: appel and appeler and chant   German: Anruf and heißen and nennen and Ruf and rufen and telefonieren  
Greek: καλώ and κλήση τηλεφωνική , τηλεφώνημα   Hebrew: להיקרא and לצלצל and לקרוא and ציוץ and צלצול and קריאה  
Hindi: बुला   Hungarian: felhív and hív and kiált  
Ido: vokar   Italian: canto and richiamo and telefonata and urlo  
Japanese: 電話する and 鳴き声 and 叫ぶ and 呼び出し and 呼び声 and 呼ぶ   Korean: 부르다 and 부름 and 불러내다 and 불리다 and 소리치다 and 외침 and 울음 and 전화  
Latin: vocō   Polish: nazywać  
Portuguese: canto and chamada and chamar and gritar and telefonar and telefonema   Romanian: chema and chemare and numi and striga and telefona and vizita  
Russian: звать and зваться and звонить and звонок and зов and крик and кричать   Slovak: volať  
Slovene: klic and poklicati   Spanish: canto and convocatoria and gritar and grito and llamada and llamar  
Swahili: kilio and kuita and kuitwa and kupiga simu and mwito   Swedish: fågelsång and kalla and ringa and rop and ropa and telefonsamtal  
Telugu: పిలుపు   Turkish: aramak and çağrı  
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