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The Croatian translation for Bear is Medvjed and Roditi .


Other possible / similar Croatian translations may be Imati , Nositi and želudac .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: beer   Albanian: ari and lind  
Armenian: արջ   Basque: hartz  
Belarusian: мядзведзь   Bosnian: medvjed  
Breton: arz and genel   Bulgarian: мечок and нося and раждам  
Catalan: ós and parir and portar and suportar   Chinese:  
Danish: bjørn   Dutch: baren and beer and dragen and ondergaan  
Esperanto: naskigi and urso   Estonian: karu  
Finnish: kantaa and karhu and sietää and synnyttää   French: ours and porter and supporter  
Frisian: bear   Galician: oso  
German: Bär and ertragen and gebären and tragen   Greek: αρκούδα  
Hebrew: דוב   Hindi: भालो  
Hungarian: medve and szül   Icelandic: björn  
Indonesian: beruang   Interlingua: urso  
Irish: béar donn   Italian: orso and partorire and portare and sopportare  
Japanese: and 生む   Korean:  
Latin: ursus   Latvian: lācis  
Lithuanian: lokys   Macedonian: мечка  
Malay: beruang   Maltese: ors  
Norwegian: bære and bjørn and tåle   Novial: urse  
Persian: خرس   Polish: niedźwiedź and nosić and urodzić  
Portuguese: parir and portar and suportar and urso   Romanian: urs  
Russian: выносить and медведь and носить and рожать   Slovak: medveď and nosiť and porodiť  
Slovene: medved and nositi and prenašati   Spanish: llevar and oso and parir and soportar  
Swahili: dubu   Swedish: bära and björn and föda and tåla  
Tagalog: oso   Telugu: ఎలుగుబంటి  
Turkish: ayı   Ukrainian: ведмідь and носити  
Welsh: arth  
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The Croatian translation for Thing is Stvar