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The Chinese translation for Paper is .


Other possible / similar Chinese translations may be 报告 and 主題 .

Translations in other languages:
Bosnian: papir   Breton: paper  
Bulgarian: документ and хартия   Catalan: article and paper  
Croatian: papir   Danish: papir  
Dutch: document and papier and papieren   Estonian: paber  
Finnish: paperi and paperinen and raportti   French: en papier and papier  
Frisian: papier   Georgian: ქაღალდი  
German: ''indicated by forming compounds with'' Papier-: '''paper bag:''' Papierbeutel and Papier   Greek: :el:χάρτινος and :el:έγγραφο and χαρτί  
Hebrew: נייר   Hindi: काग़ज़  
Hungarian: papír   Icelandic: pappír and pappírs-  
Interlingua: papiro   Irish: páipéar  
Italian: carta and di carta   Japanese:  
Korean: 종이   Kurdish: perr  
Latin: charta   Latvian: papīrs  
Lithuanian: popierius   Malayalam: കടലാസ്  
Norwegian: artikkel and papir   Polish: artykuł and papier and papierowy  
Portuguese: artigo and de papel and papel   Romanian: document and hârtie  
Russian: бумага   Slovak: papier  
Slovene: papir   Spanish: artículo and de papel and papel  
Swedish: artikel and papper and pappers-   Tagalog: papel  
Tamil: காகிதம்   Telugu: కాగితపు and కాగితము and దస్తావేజు  
Turkish: kâğıt   Ukrainian: документ and папір  
Vietnamese: bài văn and bằng giấy and giấy   Yiddish: פּאַפּיר  
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