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The Chinese translation for Light is 照明 , 點火 , and .


Other possible / similar Chinese translations may be 火花 , , 容易 , 微弱 and 打火機 .

Translations in other languages:
Afrikaans: aansteek and lig and skyn   Albanian: dritë  
Arabic: نور (nur), ضوء (Dau')   Armenian: թեթև and լույս and լուսավորել and ճրագ and սփրթնած and վառել  
Bulgarian: светлина   Catalan: clar and encendre and lleuger and llum  
Croatian: osvijetliti and svjetlo and upaliti   Danish: antænde and belyse and kalorielet and let and lys  
Dutch: aansteken and licht and lichten   Esperanto: lumo  
Estonian: valgus   Finnish: kevyt and kevyt- and sytyttää and vaalea and valaista and valo  
French: allumer and léger and lumière   German: anzünden and beleuchten and erleuchtet and Erleuchtung and hell and leicht and Licht and Lichtquelle  
Greek: φως and φωτίζω and φωτεινός and αχνός and ανάβω   Hungarian: fény and gyújt and könnyű and világít and világos  
Icelandic: bjart and fölur and fitulítill and kveikja and léttur and lýsa and ljós   Indonesian: cahaya  
Italian: accendere and chiaro and illuminare and leggero and luce   Japanese: 照らす and 軽い and and 引火  
Korean: 가볍다 and and 불붙이다 and 불켜다 and   Latin: illuminare and levis and lux  
Latvian: aizdedzināt and apgaismot and gaisma and gaišs and viegls   Lithuanian: šviesa  
Malayalam: കത്തിയ്ക്കുക and പ്രകാശിയ്ക്കുക and വെളിച്ചം   Norwegian: lett and lys and opplyse and opplyst and tenne  
Persian: نور (nur)   Polish: jasny and lekki and oświetlić and rozpalić and światło and źródło  
Portuguese: acender and clara and iluminar and leve and luz   Russian: бледный and зажигать and лёгкий and освещать and свет and светлый  
Slovak: osvetlenie and svetlo and svietiť and zapáliť   Slovene: lahek and luč and osvetliti and prižgati and svetel and svetloba  
Spanish: iluminar and ligero and luz and prender   Swedish: belysa and belyst and blek and lätt and ljus and tända  
Tagalog: ilaw   Telugu: కాంతి and జ్ఞానజ్యోతి and జ్యోతి and ప్రకాశింపజేయు and వెలిగించు  
Turkish: aydınlatmak and hafif and soluk and yakmak and ışık   Ukrainian: запа́лювати and легкий and світло  
Vietnamese: ánh sáng and chiếu sáng and nhạt and nhẹ and sáng and đèn and đốt   Welsh: cynnau and golau and goleuo and ysgafn  
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