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The Catalan translation for Base is Base .


Other possible / similar Catalan translations may be Al-Qaida , Arrel , Enviar , Llar , Lloc and Peu .

Translations in other languages:
Dutch: base and basis   Finnish: emäs and kanta and perustus and tukikohta  
French: base   German: Base and Basis and Kaserne  
Hebrew: בסיס   Ido: bazo and kazerno  
Italian: base and basi   Portuguese: base  
Slovene: baza and osnovnica and temelj   Spanish: base  
Swedish: bas and grund   Telugu: క్షారం and పీఠం and భూమి and స్థావరం  
Turkish: üs and baz and taban and temel  
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The Catalan translation for Dung is Adob