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The Basque translation for Age is Aro .

Translations in other languages:
Arabic: زمن   Catalan: edat  
Chinese: 时代   Croatian: dob  
Danish: alder and alderdom and epoke and generation and levetid and tidsalder   Dutch: generatie and leeftijd and oud worden and ouderdom and tijdperk  
Esperanto: aĝo   Finnish: aika and elinikä and geologinen kausi and ikä and vanhentua and vanhuus  
French: âge and époque and génération   German: alt werden and Alter and Ära and Generation and Zeit  
Greek: εποχή and ηλικία   Hebrew: גיל and דור and זקנה and להזדקן and עידן and תקופה  
Hindi: आयु   Hungarian: kor  
Indonesian: zaman   Interlingua: epocha and etate and generation  
Italian: epoca and età and generazione   Japanese: 老齢 and 寿命 and and 年齢 and 時代 and 世代  
Korean: 나이 and 노령 and 세대 and 시대 and 연령 and 일생   Latin: aetas  
Maltese: era and żmien and ġenerazzjoni   Polish: czas and epoka and era and pokolenie and starość and starzeć się and wiek  
Portuguese: época and edade and geração and idade   Romanian: îmbătrâni and epocă and generaţie and vârstă and viaţă  
Russian: возраст and поколение and стареть and старость and эпоха   Slovak: starnúť and vek  
Spanish: época and edad and generación   Swedish: ålder and ålderdom and åldras and era and generation and livslängd and tid  
Turkish: çağ and ömür and nesil and yaş and yaşlanmak and yaşlılık   Welsh: yr  
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